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Inspired by a classic creepypasta, in "The Portraits" you find yourself dozing off on the long road home still many hours away and decide to book a nearby AirBNB. The reviews are terrible, but surely it isn't that bad? Well, it is filled with these creepy portraits and you are finding it hard to sleep...


It is suggested to play with headphones and in a dark room.

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Updated 3 days ago
Published 21 days ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, creepypasta, First-Person, Horror, Monsters, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Short


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Crazy Game Crazy Portraits


i played this live on stream this game oozes tension and horror vibes the art style is a 10/10 in my book aswell , i cant wait to see what this dev does next they have a bright but also horror filled future!


Thanks for playing! Funny that the first game you played here also used the same asset pack for the house's architecture lol

no way 馃ぃ I didn鈥檛 even notice that鈥檚 so cool lol 

I love this games style and the plot but I just wish it was longer . Your game is second and starts at 11:23

Sehr sch枚ner kleiner Indiehorror :) das Spiel kommt ohne gro脽en Schnick-Schnack aus und erzeugt trotzdem eine gruselige Atmosph盲re. Grafisch erinnert das Game an Puppet Combo :)


Thank for this game !

How does it have 1.2 star rating? If you don't get to leave

You can escape lol


Nice game! i like the aesthetics a lot!


Really good atmosphere and storytelling as well. I really enjoyed the game. I wish it was a bit longer, but beyond that, great job.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/@Levont


This was VERY good! I had never heard the creepypasta, so the surprise at the end was great!

Good game. The plot is quite .. strange, but in fact quite interesting, as in such a horror. I was pleased with the presence of 2 endings, as well as an unexpected and frightening turn with pictures. The only significant negative is that when I played with headphones, the sound in my ears was mixed up. And it was only in this game, so the problem is in it or the engine. But in general, everything is pretty good and I really liked it.
(1 edit)

Good catch, it looks like a few of the audio sources had their spread set improperly. I'll get it fixed for next version. Thanks!

Edit: Uploaded patch fixing this issue


this game made me sweat every damn where lmfao 5 stars!

Such a great game, beautiful atmosphere.
I reviewed this game alongside a few others, I awarded The Portraits Game Of The Week!


Thank you very much! Originally I planned to have an outdoor sequence where you had to find the key-code to the lockbox to get the key and have the ending involve running back outside as you escape but I thought it might be difficult to have the outdoor area match the shape of the indoor area and decided to scrap the idea and have it all be in the house. 

this was super duper interesting to play!! looking forward to more creepypasta inspired games!! 


The new Horror AirBnB is terrible. Didn't even make it out alive 1/10 stars. 

Something's wrong with this airbnb....


Really enjoyed this one. I didn't even realize what was going on till I read the creepypasta back on the main screen after the game. It made it so much more terrifying. Fantastic job and everyone should check this game out!

Haha, a lot of people don't seem to realize it. If you click on one of "the portraits" in the morning it makes it a bit more clear. I'm actually surprised since the "canvas" of "the portraits" really looks like "what it is"--I was afraid before-hand the twist might be too apparent but it seems to have worked well for most people. 


Both endings were pretty good! I liked the bathroom scene's mechanic!


Thanks! There is actually one more sort of ending if you find the way to get into the basement during the night that was added in the other day's patch too :)



really love the gameplay, the background image is from the creepypasta series of the same name so it won't be very related to the game but that's okay, I still really like the atmosphere that the game brings, 10/10. If you love the gameplay without any commentaryand I will also review and evaluate the games in the most fair way. Thank you for reading this. And also thanks to the Developers to create this game

This game was really scary. The moment I walked into that cabin I was like, nah this ain't it... The portraits themselves were very unsettling, especially the one in the bathroom. The end scared me... I made a video if you're interested. Please consider subscribing, it would mean a lot. It is the third game I play. 


hair raising little horror experience! Good job! Definitely worth a playthrough



Gameplay en ESPA脩OL.

gohst catch me

"These are windows!" was such an effective short horror twist nice work :)

Full Play NO Commentary


I played this awesome game in my 3 scary games video!
I really enjoyed the game. The game being inspired by a creepy pasta, definitely made it the more interesting!


Thanks for the video! I had never seen that bug where the footsteps happened when you sat on the toilet, that's interesting, I'll have to look into that... although it seems a bit creepy too lol


I'm surprise that wasn't intentional!


Haha, yeah it was definitely creepy there. I just uploaded a build fixing it actually! :)

The voice is still there and honestly, it makes it better. I was fricking scared shitless (you see the pun I made here haha).


My first time trying airbnb.


Freakin CREEPY all the way through. Never wanna go through again, 10/10




This was such an amazing creepy game! I really enjoyed how the atmosphere just felt tense after seeing the first portrait! It was so well made, great job! 


Thanks for playing! Great vid!


You're welcome and glad you enjoyed it! 


i had a good review in my video, i think this game was so great that it could be expanded to at least an hour. 


Hey! Thanks a lot for your video! While I don't have an hour long version of this game, I do have another horror game and I went ahead and sent your business email a Steam Key for it if you're interested in checking it out. Thanks!


I made a video on your game - 9:42


I genuinely really enjoyed this game it was surprisingly unsettling 馃槼

I'm not big on creepypastas but this was honestly a great one. I would even say it's better than the original even though it's the same concept just a bit modernized. This game had unexpected consequences and it really adds to the uncertainty of the situation while increasing tension. 

Thanks for making games!

Thanks for playing The Portraits. The compression was intentional to make it more PS1-like. The Portraits were drawn by my friends who are in the credits, only the intro and ending background are AI.

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I got 2 ways to end the game, is there a way to open the basement door?

I'm new to YouTube and it would help a lot if you leave a like or subscribe if you like the content, also you can request a game by leaving a comment!

(1 edit) (+1)

There is no way to get into the basement but you can see what comes out

Edit: Looks like you did lol

With new patch released today, there is now a way to get into basement door

Awesome, ill release a video tomorrow or sunday

The character does say something different when i interact with the door but i cannot find a way to open it, running past the thing guarding it is just beyond me if thats how im supposed to do it lol

It can be opened at night, not in the morning

When he finishes taking a shit right? i tried to but he just says "Was someone in here?" and nothing else happens, i tried looking around for a key but no luck

You can do it at any point during the night, the key is well hidden and you must have beaten the game once ("Read Original Creepypasta" showing up on title screen to verify)


Very unsettling adaptation of the short Creepypasta involving the hunter in the woods at night. Had the feel of the film Barbarian - was wondering if there would be something nasty lurking in the basement!


  • Aesthetically very unsettling, feels like you're being watched continuously and waiting for the shoe to drop, so to speak
  • Great adaptation of lore
  • Low poly horror 


  • Would have liked to find out more about the Davidson's, or about the pictures themselves. 
  • Hit box detection on the doors is a little large - kept getting stuck trying to walk through doors.
  • People with fears going to the toilet should not play! ;)

Fantastic and spooky interpretation of a really spooky Creepypasta! Loved it!


Thanks for the video! Great accent!



This was such a lovely adaption, you added your own flourishes, your writing was really good, it added to the character and environment and I loved the art in this (kudos to your friends to reference but also add their own touch to it). I also love that you included the original creepypasta. All in all such a thoughtful game with quite a few creepy ideas. 


Thanks a lot for the comment and video! 

Interesting game.

Ending 2;


I really enjoyed this story and game! The pictures were unsettling enough I kept expecting a huge jump scare. Great job!
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